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New in the Cellar15_Books_to_Celebrate_Black_History_Month.html

February is just around the corner, and we’re here to help young readers get ready for Black History Month!

Our all ages reading list is packed with leaders and revolutionaries, visionaries and virtuosos: everything you need to honor the legacy of African American heritage.

New in the Reading RoomBlue_Jay_the_Pirate.html

Awright ye’ scurvy lot! Hoist the sails, trim the rigging and head on over to The Reading Room to take a gander at our review of ‘The High Skies Adventures of Blue Jay the Pirate’ by Scott Nash or we’ll make ye’ walk the plank!

New in the Reading RoomThe_Tragedy_Paper.html

Romeo and Juliet, Othello and Desdemona, Tim and Vanessa?

Elizabeth Laban brings classical tragedy to a New England boarding school, but does ‘The Tragedy Paper’ pack the p punch? We’ll tell you!

New in the Reading RoomWonder.html

Wonder-ful indeed. Check our our boarderline-hysterical review of R.J Palacio’s debut children’s book ‘Wonder’, the latest entrant in our Golden Key Collection!

New in the Reading RoomTimmy_Failure.html

Mistakes Were Made? Not in this funny, complex and off-beat charmer of a super sleuth spoof!

Check out our review of ‘Timmy Failure’ by Stephan Pastis in The Reading Room.


Hey Brooklyn Kids!

TRK’s Jordan B. Nielsen hosts

Middle Grade Book Club


Email her at jordan@powerhouseon8th for more info

New in the Reading RoomIron_Hearted_Violet.html

You don’t have to travel the multiverse for our thoughts on ‘Iron Hearted Violet’ by Kelly Barnhill! Does ‘Violet’ have the metal? We’ll tell you!